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When an e-currency exchange is required

The transfer of electronic money and currency online exchange is becoming a habit for Ukrainian citizens. Nowaday no one surprised to receive salary in foreign currency or UAH on an electronic wallet. Cash has long given way to card payments. Our online exchanger offers to quickly transfer virtual money, exchange it for real money or vice versa. The main operations carried out by our exchanger are online transfers between wallets of the main payment systems, bank accounts, as well as the purchase and sale of cash currency. You need to choose the name of the currencies for the exchange, fill out a request and within a few minutes the money will be transferred.

Fast and profitable e-currency exchange is needed not only for professional financiers. They operate with large amounts of money, and seek to reduce transaction costs. Therefore, online services are suitable for them due to the high speed of execution, security and cost-effectiveness of payments.

Ordinary citizens also need to conduct online exchanges from time to time. They are increasingly using “virtual” money instead of the usual hryvnia cash. They may need electronic exchange in the following situations.

  • The law does not prohibit the receipt of income on an e-wallet or card account. Moreover, enrolment can be carried out in any foreign currency or its equivalent. Earnings received remotely or as a result of cooperation with foreign counterparties are not always convenient to spend directly. We help to promptly withdraw received electronic funds.
  • Most online stores have long switched to accepting online payments for goods. And sometimes it is more profitable to pay not from a bank card, but from a wallet of a certain payment system. Therefore, our service for the rapid transfer of funds between cards and electronic accounts is quite popular.
  • In addition to ordinary transfers, it is often necessary to exchange currencies online at the most favourable rate. As a rule, bank rates cannot be called attractive. Not all of them offer direct purchase and sale of foreign currency at a cross rate. We carry out transactions with various monetary units on the best terms.

What to consider when choosing an online exchanger?

There are hundreds of online exchangers on the electronic transfer market offering various conditions for conducting transactions. To withdraw, credit, convert hryvnia, dollar, ruble and bitcoin with the least risk, you should choose the right exchanger.

Cashless transfers should be made only through trusted organizations. Otherwise, you can become a victim of scammers. Any currency exchanger − online and offline − must be official, working legally. Data on state registration, legal address and other information should be available freely or upon request. Only in this case, you can be sure that your money will go to its intended purpose, and will not end up in the pockets of criminals. Illegal exchangers also work online, so it is almost impossible to find the money that you yourself transfer to scammers.

When choosing an online service, an important factor is the list of banks and payment systems with which it works. It is not always possible to find the right pair for an exchange. And in some situations, it is critical to withdraw funds or replenish the account in a certain way.

The conditions for the purchase and sale of foreign banknotes are set by currency exchangers based on the official rate. Their offers can vary greatly. In addition, they often change several times a day. Therefore, the information content of the site and the convenience of tracking the exchange rate are an important point.

How our exchanger works

We carry out exchanges between major payment systems. On our website, you can withdraw funds or replenish cards of the largest banks. Online currency exchange at the most favourable rate is also available. To carry out the transfer, you need to proceed as follows.

  • Select the types of currencies in the Start Exchange section.
  • Fill in the data of the wallet or bank card in the “I give” and “I receive” blocks. And also indicate the amount to be exchanged.
  • When performing a transaction, an online currency calculator will help you find out the result of the transaction. The total amount that you will have will be calculated automatically.
  • Click on the appropriate button and complete the submission.

Cash transactions through our currency exchangers

In addition to all kinds of transfers, we can carry out cash transactions. The request is submitted on the website. And receiving or depositing money is carried out offline − in one of our offices. Finding the nearest currency exchange office is not difficult: our network is represented in all regions of Ukraine. A complete list of cities where our offices are open is available in the Contacts section.

After processing the request, when the required hryvnia or currency amount is at the cash desk, you will receive a corresponding SMS notification.

Advantages of our exchanger

The ObmenAT service has existed for more than one year. Unlike many competitors, we do not aim for one-time excess profits. Constant cooperation is much more interesting for us. The growth of financial flows allows us to set minimum commissions. Therefore, the transfers carried out with us allow you to save significant amounts.

Many of our clients work with us on a permanent basis. We have provided a system of cumulative discounts for them. With it, you can save from 5 to 20%, depending on the volume of the transfers.

To use our services, you do not necessarily need to register on the website. But after spending a couple of seconds to create a personal account, you can later get all the privileges of a regular client. Those include both the ability to track the status of applications, and access to information about transactions. In addition, registered users can earn by becoming our partners. The referral program provides for the accrual of remuneration for each attracted client.

Our significant advantage is the absence of hidden fees. The amount that appears when filling out the request will be received by you in full, without any deductions.

Cashless payments are made instantly. In some situations, the processing of the request may take a little longer. But no more than 5-15 minutes.

Even those who are not experts in finance will understand the interface of obmenat.com. The requesting process is intuitive. But if you still have questions, you can contact the consultants. They are available to solve your problems around the clock.

You can submit a request for automatic currency exchange at a convenient time: the web page works on a 24/7 schedule. If you are going to operate with cash, check the working hours of the office in your locality.

The security of the service is another advantage of ours. Multi-level authentication makes an unauthorized access to the system impossible. Encryption tools used in making transfers ensure the protection of financial and personal data.