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Is registration required on your website?

No, registration is not required on our site. However, by registering with our service, you will be able to track the status of your requests and participate in the referral programm.

How do I make an exchange on your site?

You need to choose the direction of the exchange and fill in all the fields to create a request, then click on the "Submit" button and follow the instructions that you will see in the window confirming the exchange order. If you have any questions during the exchange process, please contact the ope-rator via online chat or write to our Telegram, the link which can be found in the website header and in the "Contact us" section.

Why should I provide my email address?

Notifications about the status of your order, as well as login details for your personal account, will be sent to your email address.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order in your personal account or through email notifications that you have specified in your order.

My order has been cancelled, what should I do?

Contact the operator in the online chat or in our Telegram account. This usually happens when the amount credited to our account under your request is different from the amount you entered in your order. The names of the cardholders may also be different.

I have received a different amount to what I stated in my order, what should I do?

You will receive exactly the amount you specified in your order. You can always ask the operator for a screenshot of the payment and they will be happy to provide it.

I have paid for my order but didn‘t receive my money.

Your order will be processed within 5-15 minutes from the moment we receive the funds.

Can I cancel the exchange and get my money back if I have already paid for the order?

If your order is being processed, you can discuss a refund by contacting the operator via online chat. Unfortunately, if your order has already been processed, refund is not possible.

I entered the wrong details and the money has not arrived, what should I do?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your funds, but we can provide you with the details of where we sent the funds. We ask that you be more careful when providing payment details for both sending and receiving funds.

Is it possible to exchange more than the amount stated in the reserves on the website?

You need to contact the operator in the online chat or in our Telegram account, then he or she will tell you if it is possible to perform this operation.

I have a cooperation/advertising offer for you, whuch contact I can write?

You can send all offers of cooperation or advertising to our e-mail address, which can be found on the contact page of the site. You can also use the online chat, the operator will definitely forward your offer to our management.

What is the exchange rate based on?

The rates are based on the Binance exchange rate. If the rate has changed by more than 0.5% at the time of receiving the funds, the service has the right to recalculate the order at the current rate.

How many confirmations are required on the Bitcoin network to complete an exchange?

One confirmation is sufficient to confirm the funds and perform an exchange operation on the Bitcoin network.

What are the withdrawal times?

The withdrawal time and schedule will be announced by the manager after the order has been placed. Withdrawals are usually made on the same day or the next day. Withdrawals are made in service branches from 9:00-19:00.

What is the withdrawal procedure?

After agreeing with the client on the time and conditions of the withdrawal, the manager provides the cash desk with a code for the withdrawal. The client arrives at the branch at the agreed time. The client's phone number and code are used for identification.

What documents are required to complete the transaction?

The customer's telephone number and transaction code are used for identification.

When is the exchange rate fixed?

The rate is fixed at the time the order is placed.

What are the commissions?

In the blockchain network there are transfer fees and transaction fees. The amount of the commission is set manually or automatically by the user when creating a transfer order. The amount of the commission affects the priority of the transaction processing in the blockchain and the speed of the operation.

Which wallets work in Ukraine?

To date, only three payment systems are banned in Ukraine: Qiwi, Yomoney (Yandex) and Webmoney.

How can I withdraw money from Paxum Ukraine?

The Paxum payment system is currently in high demand in the IT sector and is also used as a monetisation currency for European social networks.