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Loyalty program

Affiliate Program

In order to take part in the affiliate program, register on the website and use promotional materials from the Referral Program section. We would be delighted to see you among our partners! If you have an engaging website or are ready to advise people on our resources, for example, on forums, in blogs, or simply to your friends and acquaintances, don’t hesitate to apply. Any accruals earned under the affiliate program occur instantly after a successful operation (registration of a new user, currency exchange operation). As part of the referral program of our service, a client receives 5% of the profit that ObmenAT receives from each transaction of the user attracted by him or her.

Bonus Account
An individual account displays the total balance of accruals under the affiliate program. Withdrawal of funds from the bonus account is performed in any currency, except for cash, according to a previously submitted request in the Referral Program section. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. Withdrawal requests are processed from Monday to Friday within 24 hours of the withdrawal request being submitted. All operations under the affiliate program are recorded and stored in the Referral Program section.

Refusal to pay remuneration may occur in cases where the source of the attracted client is:

  1. the volume of links obtained using SEO tools, for example, the use of Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Google Maps or other similar search services;
  2. links obtained through mass registration in directory websites;
  3. mass creation of spam messages on forums or any other type of spam using special software.

For more information, please contact support.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

Registered users get the opportunity to use the system of discounts when making an exchange - Levels. Our affiliate program consists of 4 levels. The discount provided to regular clients of our service is cumulative. By making an exchange, as a certain amount is reached, each client receives more favourable conditions for the exchange in the future. Discounts will be calculated only on the commission of the ObmenAT service. The discount amount is calculated as follows:

Loyalty program level Amount of discount, % The total turnover of completed requests, $
1 5% 5000 - 25000
2 10% 25000 - 75000
3 15% 75000 - 100000
4 20% 100000 +

* Please note that the loyalty program or the referral program starts from the moment it is activated, all previous transactions will not be taken into account.
** Calculated based on the amount of profit received from the referral transaction

How Does the Affiliate Program Work?

Having become a member of our affiliate program, you will receive a unique partner identifier, which is added to all your links and to the HTML code. You can place links to any pages of our service on your website, blog, page, communities and social networks. When a visitor attracted by the advertisement clicks on your affiliate link and comes to us, the system remembers them and automatically registers them as a visitor attracted by you (this means that the client came from you). Once a visitor starts using the website, you earn affiliate rewards. Rewards will continue to “drop” into your account without you having to do anything. You can always see the accrued funds on your account in your partner account, as well as request their withdrawal (limited only by the minimum limit).

How Much Will I Earn by Participating in Your Affiliate Program?

It depends on many factors, such as:

  1. Website traffic on which you post information about us;
  2. Compliance with the theme of the site to the target audience that may be interested in the currency exchange service. Simply put, you should not count on a large number of clicks on an affiliate link posted on a website dedicated, for example, to breeding rabbits. Participation in the affiliate program is suitable primarily for those who have access to the audience in those niches that are associated with electronic money, website building, info business, freelancing, programming and other similar topics;
  3. Correct presentation of information. For example, few people will be interested in a currency exchange link itself with no description somewhere in the corner of a web page.
  • If I Put My Affiliate Link in the Signature on the Forum, Will the Transitions and All Other Conditions of the AP Be Taken into Account?

    Yes, transitions will be taken into account.

  • Will user transitions be taken into account if I advertise my affiliate link in Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers?

    No, such users will not be considered affiliates, because our affiliate program only counts transitions from any website.

  • I Already Have Other Affiliate Programs Installed on My Website. Can I still be a partner with you?

    Yes, you can. We have no restrictions on working with other affiliate programs.

  • Is It a Violation to Use a Link Shortener to Hide an Affiliate Link?

    Using shorteners for affiliate links is not a violation. But we do not recommend using link shortening services because a problem may arise elsewhere — some of them replace the “referer” parameter with the address of the shortened link or do not reflect this parameter at all. Thus, it becomes unknown which website the visitor came from. Link-shortening services that replace the “referer” parameter are on our blacklist, so clicks on such links will not be counted. In cases where the shortener does not reflect the “referer”, such transitions also will not be counted.

  • Is My Website Eligible for the Affiliate Program?

    We welcome any websites that do not contradict the conditions of our affiliate program.

  • I am Confident that Several People Followed My Link, but I Have Not Been Credited. Why?

    Based on our conditions, we can make the following list of possible reasons why your visitors were not paid:

    1. your referral’s IP address has already made a transition to our website via someone else’s affiliate link (not yours) within the last 365 days;
    2. the visitor clicked on your link and immediately left the website. The accruals for visitors start from the second visited page of the website. In any case, a cookie with your affiliate ID is set in the browser of a visitor who comes through your affiliate link. This visitor will be linked to you, and his or her repeated visit to the website (even without following the affiliate link) will be paid;
    3. the browser of the attracted by you visitor does not reflect the “referer” parameter. Note that this parameter will also not be reflected if the affiliate link was entered into the browser manually (without clicking on the affiliate link).
  • I Followed My Affiliate Link From Another Computer, but the Number of Transitions in my Account Did Not Change. Why?

    We reserve the right not to count and not to pay for those transitions that we consider invalid (cheating transitions). You should not try to increase accruals by following your link from another computer or by asking your friends to follow your link without their genuine interest in the platform and services. Such cheating transitions are statistically easy to figure out and will not be counted. In general, a small percentage of the total number of transitions is not counted, and it does not have a significant impact on the earnings of partners who are not trying to cheat.

  • I Can’t Sign in to My Partner Profile. It Says, “Invalid Login or Password”. What Should I Do?

    Make sure that you have the desired keyboard layout active when entering your password and that the Caps Lock key is disabled. If you can only remember your login, use the Password Reminder function. The password will be sent to your e-mail specified during registration.

  • How is The Money I Earn Paid Out?

    Affiliate payments are made through any available payment systems on our website (except for cash) at the choice of the partner. After submitting a request for payment, the payment will be credited to your account within 24 hours. Do not worry if the payment of your affiliate commission is delayed — the administrator sees all requests and will process yours in any case.