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Perfect Money to Visa/MasterCard UAH exchange

People often contact us to exchange Perfect USD to Visa/MasterCard UAH with Privatbank, Ukrsibbank, Monobank, Oschadbank, and a number of other leading financial organisations in Ukraine. The service has many advantages: low commission for internal transfers, a multi-level system of authorisation and trust, accrual of interest for storing money, etc. The payment company provides direct withdrawal of electronic money to a bank card, but for this, you need to make a difficult bank transfer or use an e-Voucher. Therefore, the transfer of Perfect Money in Hryvnia to a card is most relevant and primarily for freelancers, remote full-time employees of Western organisations, participants of the cryptocurrency market and individuals whose relatives live in the United States or Canada.

What is the benefit of exchanging Perfect Money USD for Visa/MasterCard UAH?

Our clients exchange Perfect Money USD for Visa/MasterCard UAH for the following reasons:

  • Perfect Money is a system popular in Ukraine, but with limited capabilities since you will not be able to make purchases in a supermarket, pay utility bills, pay for dinner at a restaurant, etc.;
  • A bank card is always at hand, with its help, you can get cash for different needs at any time;
  • Many banking institutions have no or 1% commission for internal transfers (in some, it is absent even for external transactions), so you can pay salaries to all employees with minimal loss of funds;
  • Linking to a bank card is not required in the payment system, due to which you can immediately send money to the final recipient;
  • A bank account can be opened in a matter of minutes, and in some institutions, the application can be submitted online;
  • Withdrawing Perfect Money to Visa/MasterCard occurs directly without double conversion, which is very important when making transactions of a large amount.

The commission for transferring Perfect Money in Hryvnias to an exchange service card is much lower than for Swift transfers. In addition, such financial transactions take a lot of time (up to 5 days), which is very inconvenient in case of urgencies. At the same time, the high speed of a transaction using an exchange service does not affect its security, since all organisations undergo a thorough multi-stage check.

Why is it better to exchange Perfect USD for Visa/MasterCard UAH in our service?

ObmenAT has many years of experience in the money transfer market and has accumulated solid currency reserves throughout its activity, allowing it to carry out transactions of large amounts. The minimum payment amount is 50 US dollars, which meets the needs of every individual.

Depending on the time of the submission request, the transfer of Perfect Money in Hryvnia to a card is carried out on or the following day of the request. The client does not need to go to the representative office of our company to confirm the operation and also does not need to notify the manager.

Scheme of transferring Perfect Money in Hryvnia to Visa/MasterCard

To perform an exchange from Perfect Money to a card, you will need the following information:

  • number of the electronic wallet and bank account;
  • first name and surname of the recipient;
  • e-mail address to control the status of the request;
  • familiarisation with the rules of the services and agreeing to them (if this is true).

Please note that we do not require passport data and other information that is usually requested by suspicious services.

Before performing an exchange from Perfect Money to Visa/MasterCard, enter the amount in PMUSD or Hryvnia in the online calculator. Our exchange rate is profitable and does not contain any hidden fees and commissions. Therefore, the declared amount of the payment will be final, even if, during that particular day, there are fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

ObmenAT does not require registration in order to carry out a financial operation. The privilege for authorised users is participation in the referral program, as this system allows you to receive bonuses from other participants invited through a unique link.

When creating a request for transferring Perfect Money in Hryvnia to a card or while waiting for its execution, the client can get all the details from our financial manager. To contact the representative of the exchange service, you can use the phone or write in via the form on the website or in the telegram chat.

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